Chris and Joen sitting and reading

Hey, I’m Chris.

I love working with people
& I love to create beautiful things.

As a doctor and a web developer,
I get to do both! Woo!

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Phone Holiday

nexus phone with a red circle and cross through it.

I recently, fairly impressively, broke my Nexus 4 smartphone. Not only was the back shattered, but the power button started to play up, and then the phone wouldn’t even turn on. It was knackered.

I dropped it in at my local high street phone shop: you know the type, since they are all exactly the same…


Evidence vs Email: the response

Around 3 years ago, I wrote an article, complaining about the tediousness and illegality of NHSmail, the compulsory email service that I am forced to use daily. At the time, filled with self righteousness, I emailed a copy of my rant to support.

It took two years… but they replied to me, so I thought I would include the email below, to those of you annoyed by many of the same features.